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Brontae comes to music education with nine years of teaching experience. She has worked with kids, teens, adult beginners, professional recording artists, and actors preparing for musical theatre work. Known by her students for her ability to create an environment that is both accessible and challenging, Brontae is comitted to creating vocal pedagogy that is rooted in science and easy for any student to understand. She encourages an equal concentration on musicianship, vocal technique and storytelling.

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"Working with Brontae is excellent. I typically find it hard to be comfortable and relaxed in these situations, but she makes her students feel like they can be themselves, push themselves, and have fun. The sessions are confidence boosters for me. She is turning me into a great singer and I'm enjoying the process."

Tyler Pantlin of the Maple Blues Award nominated duo, 

The Shakey Trill


Brontae is an incredible teacher! She’s kind, enthusiastic and brings such a positive energy to every lesson. Since starting lessons with Brontae, our daughter has learned so much. She has introduced Katie to so many genres, and helped her find a her own style. Brontae gives Katie the confidence to challenge herself. She makes Katie feel like a real artist, and has opened up so many opportunities for Katie to perform and study.

Brontae is an amazingly talented and well rounded artist with an impeccable ear. Even with virtual lessons, she brings a high level of thoroughness. We are so grateful to have been introduced to her. We look forward to music class every week and love watching our daughter thrive with Brontae.

— Tegan, mom of Katie, age 9 

She’s kind and I love when we work on music together. She makes me so happy. I love music and she makes me love it even more!

Katie, age 9

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Brontae came to us at the perfect time; we were actually starting to look for someone to teach voice to our daughter Lucy. Brontae was referred to us by another local music teacher, boasting about how talented she was, we were excited and wanted Lucy to start lessons right away! Because of the pandemic, we had to try virtual lessons which we were a bit unsure of as it is certainly better for something like music lessons to be hands-on. Brontae exceeded our expectations. She is so smart, talented and really works well with kids. Virtual lessons became a non-issue as she seemed to make it work so easily. Lucy and Brontae seemed to get along great from the start. Brontae has an amazing way of knowing which songs work best for her voice. She is also open to Lucy's ideas of songs she wants to learn which is awesome. We enjoyed Brontae's teaching so much that Lucy's little sister wanted to start lessons as well because she could see how much fun Lucy was having.
- Written by Candice, mom to Lucy (age 11) and Ruby (age 8)


As an adult with no previous musical experience, I was a little nervous and unsure about starting lessons. I had always wanted to learn to sing, but as I grew older I became more apprehensive about trying activities outside my comfort zone. I took a chance, and a year later I am so glad I did. Brontae is an excellent teacher, professional, patient and courteous. She tailors lessons to meet my goals, and I alway feel I'm studying appropriate material. I've learned a lot about music theory and can sing for the first time in my life. I would recommend her lessons to anyone regardless of age or experience.


Never in my life did I think I could sing in tune, or even read music. The thought of singing anywhere outside of a shower was mortifying, I had convinced myself that my singing voice was nothing short of cringeworthy. That all changed when I had the great good fortune to start taking singing lessons with Brontae. Brontae is a knowledgeable, passionate, and immensely talented performer and instructor. The depth of knowledge and range of experience Brontae brings into the teaching environment is second to none. Take a lesson delivered with Brontae’s effusive confidence and genuine empathy and you cannot help but believe in yourself, overcome fears, and, of course, learn to sing and enjoy every moment doing it!

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